Posted by: Kevin | June 15, 2005

Am I a Walking Jinx?

Something else I should add since I’m unburdened my soul to the internet. I left the Boston area four years ago. I’m the time that I’ve been gone, the Sox finally won the World Series and the Patriots have won 3 out of 4 Super bowls. Naturally, I’m extremely happy as a fan but as a superstitious fan I cant help but wonder, am I a walking jinx? Consider that no New York team has won anything since I’ve arrived in this state. So I ask you, should I take one for the team and forever banish myself from Massachusetts? I’ve actually submitted this question to the sports guy in the hopes of getting an official ruling on the topic. I don’t think I would let it change any life decisions I might make. However, if I ever do move back to Boston, and the Pats revert to sucking and the Sox revert to their heartbreaking form of old, I will feel like an ass.


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