Posted by: Kevin | June 21, 2005

Life sucks

There’s nothing like a nasty headache and a stuffy office to make me hate working. That was my story today, not a sob story by any stretch but disheartening all the same. It’s one thing slogging through a day when I’m feeling OK. I work hard and do my best to keep a positive outlook even though I’m not exactly enamored with my job. It’s quite another when I’m feeling like crap and just want to get the hell out of there. Then all the little things that I can brush off start to annoy the hell out of me. The loud office neighbor, the office instant messenger, the meaningless todo’s, these are not things I can handle with a giant headache. I’m beginning to sound like a commercial for Advil of Tylenol, I guess I could have used some today.


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