Posted by: Kevin | July 13, 2005

My Writing Challenge

So I’ve taken the gloves off and thrown myself a Challenge. I cant decide if I’m being too hard or too easy on myself. I’ve put together a 20 week course for myself. My goal is to rediscover creative writing once and for all or learn once and for all that it wasn’t meant to be.

8 years ago I took a course in creative writing. It was a throw away course for some extra credits on the way out the door with my undergrad degree. It was also the most enjoyable class I took at BU. Ever since, I’ve promised myself that I would continue the creative writing and much to my own disappointment, I haven’t been keeping that promise. The occasional free-write notwithstanding, I’ve buried my creativity while working at a bank, getting my MBA, starting a family, working for a big company, etc. etc.

The whole life reevaluation process that I’ve been going through right now has convinced me not to put this off any longer. As hookey as it sounds I’ve actually put together a complete syllabus with assignments, due dates and major projects. After 20 weeks I want to rediscover that drive to write if it really was there in the first place. I also want to have something I can publish and something I can work on to further my goals in creative writing. So my major assignments are 2 short stories and I want to have several novel ideas, complete with some kind of synopsis, to follow up with after the completion of my “course”. Why do all this? because I’m a hopeless procrastinator. I really only put forth my best effort when there’s a literal or figurative gun to my head. I am what I am I guess.


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