Posted by: Kevin | February 23, 2006

Cleaning out the Drawers in my Head

For me, one of the cooler concepts in the Harry Potter books is the Pensieve, an object into which I can dump my thoughts in order to review them objectively. What a brilliant idea. I always feel like I’ve got a ton of ideas sprouting in my head but so many of them seem to wither on the vine before I get to examine them further. Sadly, Pensieves are just a creation of JK Rowlings imagination, so I have to settle for using this Blog. That said here’s the crap rolling around my head.


When we first started gearing up for this war I said, “This is a mistake. We’ll get in and not have any way of getting out and our children will pay the price.” When they decided against using the Powell doctrine of overwhelming force I again told anyone who would listen to me that it was a mistake. No war has ever been won “on the cheap”, either a nation is willing to commit blood and treasure or it isn’t. So what do I get for being right? Not a God damn thing.

We’re still in Iraq. We still have too few soldiers on the ground and now we have no means of increasing the ranks short of a draft. We can’t leave without stabilizing the situation and we can’t stabilize the situation without more men, or a miracle. How could they let it come to this? Did they really think that shock and awe would be enough to make our enemies forget that they’ve got us out numbered on the ground in hostile (to us) territory? Are our leaders that stupid? Apparently yes.

The President

What really terrifies me is that despite all of the above, all the rigged bids for Halliburton and others, the soaring price of fuel, the disregard for our constitution, I have friends who still thank God “we have a Christian in the White House”. Whenever I think about this too much I want to punch someone. Here’s my own little prayer to God, “Please God give me a moderate to vote for in the next presidential election or even just someone with half a brain. I’m not asking for much, John McCain or Colin Powell will do. Are you sure we can’t bring back Clinton?”

I’m not even going to waste prayers on the Democrats getting clue. The party is in the hands of whiny ineffectual liberals who are too convinced that they’re smarter than the electorate. This attitude, more than anything else is why we’ve had GW for the past 6 years. Get a clue guys, the country isn’t going to suddenly “see the light” and decide you hold the keys to the country’s future.

The Olympics

At last something positive to think about. I’ve enjoyed the Olympics as far back as I can remember. As with every winter Olympics since I first started reading the newspaper, sports columnists are going to great lengths to describe how irrelevant they are and how the American public doesn’t give a damn. Occasionally, they’ll take a break from that rant to lament how so and so choked and let everyone down.

Honestly, fuck them.

I’ve enjoyed watching these games, even curling. This stuff is on TV once every four years, the novelty alone is enough to interest me. The athletes are clearly among the best in the world and the outcomes are determined by tenths or even hundredths of a second. Some of the newer events seem a little to geared towards the X-games crowd but they were interesting.

It’s a little annoying hearing about how certain athlete’s or teams “choked”. I’ll accept that Bode Miller should get his ration of shit because he sought out the publicity and hasn’t come close to delivering. Some of the other “chokers” don’t make sense to me. US men’s hockey had no chance of medaling, never did. The women played well and lost, it happens. The women curlers, looked really cute so I’m prepared to forgive them anything.

The problem, I think, is when people try and take these games too seriously. It’s a once every fours years traveling circus, enjoy the spectacle. I have.


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