Posted by: Kevin | February 23, 2006

Here’s a Thought

Write something you horse’s ass!! I don’t know what my excuse has been these last few months. Every time things get a little challenging on the home front I throw down the pen (keyboard) and stop writing. It ain’t right! No amount of teething, crying, kid’s colds, etc. should excuse me using time that should be spent writing, to slack off and tool around on the internet.

I work in an office where there is no “water cooler culture”. People on my floor don’t seem to spend a whole lot of time chatting for whatever reason. The fact that I work from home a lot doesn’t help either. Even when there’s chatting I don’t often take part. However, it’s impossible to be 100% dedicated to my job while I’m at work. I wouldn’t want to meet the person with that kind of focus. One of my goals in writing has been to make productive use of that “water cooler time”. In fact I hope that the writing I do now will help propel me to my eventual goal of getting something published.

Distractions are a big problem in my life though. I’ve come to realize that it isn’t the distractions, it’s me. There will always be a good excuse not to do what I want, in this case to write. The key to success then, is to ignore the excuses and do what I really want to do. Not exactly profound, but sometimes I need to remind myself of this. Another thing I need a reminder of is the danger of being normal. I’ll paraphrase what a teacher of mine once told his chemistry class.

“Normal people fail, normal cheat on tests, cheat on their spouses, lie to there friends. Normal people take the easy way out, don’t think things through and try to avoid the consequences of their actions. These things happen every day. The question is, knowing what it means to be normal, who wants to be normal?”

My answer has always been a resounding “not me”. So this is another of my periodic reminders to me, that it’s not enough to say it, I have to live it.


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