Posted by: Kevin | July 13, 2006

So Much for My Flurry of Posts

Just when I though my life was getting easier, it starts getting hard again. The wife and kids are away leaving me free from parental duty but what steps in to take it’s place? My job of course. That annoying thing which didn’t give me a raise this year is now asking me to put in a 60+ hour week to complete a few projects. Shockingly, I’m not enthused. Is it just me or has pay been replaced be vague and empty promises of “furthering my career” and “opportunities for exposure”. This bullshit got old before I went to grad school. Now it just plain smells.

That voice in the back of my head, telling my to disengage, is starting to get loud. Disengage, from work, from New York state, find greener pastures. I’ve always felt that I’ll know the right desicion because it will be the hard choice. It’s going to be hard as hell to find a new job and move the family. But it’s time.

So where is all my other personal bullshit, the stuff I was itching to post? It’s still there, lurking in my head like a stalking butler. I’ll get to it this weekend.


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