Posted by: Kevin | July 21, 2006

Updated: Someone Whose writing I Enjoy

Michael Reynolds at the Mighty Middle muses on the things which drive him to the point of Homicide.

Having Read his list which I agree with whole heartedly, I’d like to submit the following:

People out there who identify themselves as “Christians” and will make a decision about someone, voting or otherwise, solely based on whether that person identifies themselves as a “Christian”. This complete abdication of thinking and rational decision making makes me want to scream and hit something.

Update: I feel I should add something here as my wife is the only one who reads this Blog and she might be under the impression that this is directed towards one person in particular (not her). This isn’t the case and I should clarify.

My frustration is directed towards the circle the wagons mentality that, in truth, one can find on either extreme of the political spectrum. It just so happens that the religious right is in a position of power right now, so their examples are more glaring. The inability of people to question their assumptions and the fact that these people are driving our political dialogue is very frustrating. That this one person has in some small way come to represent that mindset to me is entirely unfair on my part and doesn’t in any way change the fact that I consider this person a very good friend.

Really stupid sports commentators and writers. I know I shouldn’t be turning to the sports pages for intelligent discussions but the vast majority of these guys are shockingly stupid.

Update: The guys at Fire Joe Morgan are celebrating the recent firing of Harold Reynolds. Take a look as they stroll down memory lane and recap some of HR’s most memorable bonehead moments.


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