Posted by: Kevin | August 30, 2006

This Thing All Things Devours

This thing all things devours:

Most alarms make an annoying beeping sound, an electronic pleading to get your ass out of bed.  My alarms stand up in their cribs and say dada.  I like my alarm better.  Didn’t I just go to sleep 10 minutes ago?  The clock calls bullshit and tells me it’s 7AM.

Birds, beast, trees, flowers:

Shower, Shave and wait in traffic.  The hours I spend bumper to bumper are the ones I will most regret when I die.  The shear waste of a traffic jam is stunning.

Gnaws iron, bites steel:

The unfriendly office greets my arrival.  Endless meetings, the conference calls, data mining and spreadsheets, this is how I earn my daily bread.  The world would be a better place if middle managers didn’t like the sound of their own voice so much.

Grinds hard stones to meal:

Race home, detention’s over.  Only it isn’t.  In this day of mobile workstations, my work travels with me.  Maybe a quick email, or a conference call with someone on the West coast, just a small sacrifice.  They’re nice enough to hope it isn’t inconveniencing me.

Slays kings, ruins town,

Play with the kids at last, except it’s already dinner time.  What they already ate?  What else did I miss?  A few moments with them then, before baths and bed.  What needs to be done around the house?  There’s always something.

And beats the high mountain down.

Then I’m done, free at last to be with my wife, to talk about the day, to share hopes and dreams.  Exhausted, sleep claims me.

Exact words for this riddle were found here and of course can be found here.


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