Posted by: Kevin | September 4, 2006

Goodbye Croc Hunter


Steve Irwin, the Croc Hunter, died this morning on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  Story here.  I cant say that it’s stunning news to see this story.  He always struck me as a little too reckless.  But I bet I’m not alone in thinking that this story would be accompanied by a tale of swarming crocodiles, nasty poisonous snakes or a Great White.  Instead it’s a relatively non-aggressive Stingray and a one in a million shot to the heart.  Life’s funny that way.

A little personal reflection on the Croc Hunter.  He was a part of my saturday morning ritual for a couple of years back in the 90’s.  My wife and I would fire up a coffee pot, turn on the Discovery Channel and start recovering from our hang-overs while the croc hunter told us about all the beautiful creatures.  Most of whom I never want to see outside of my television screen.  That was years ago.  Earlier this summer, I came across a Garden Snake in my yard.  After I got over the fact that it startled the hell out of me, I thought “What would the croc hunter do here?”  So I called my 3 year old daughter over to see it.  We spent a good half hour watching this snake move around my backyard.  She still talks about finding “Her friend, Snake” when we’re hanging out in the back yard.  Thanks Croc Hunter, you will be missed.


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