Posted by: Kevin | September 5, 2006

Italian Defender, Marco Materazzi, continues to whine.


Story here.  This is the first time I’d heard Zidane’s remark about the jerseys, which was a good one.  Personally, I love the fact that Zidane head-butted this guy.  France was going to lose the match anyway, since their keeper couldn’t save a penalty to save his life, so seeing at least one Italian get punished for their boring style of play is fine with me.



  1. I’m a bit disapointed that this is all that was said. Zidane is nuts.

  2. Keep in mind that this was said after a long game of getting harrassed, elbowed, taunted, etc. etc. with France’s chances of winning diminishing by the second. It wasn’t the right thing for Zidane to do, but it is certainly understandable. I have to admit though, that my thoughts on this are colored by the fact that I find Italy’s still of play unwatchable.

  3. I don’t think it is understandable, I think as far as I would go is that it was pleasing to see. He knew going in that he was going to get harrassed, elbowed, taunted, kicked in the shin, only to see the Italian’s do their cheating and diving thing.

  4. guess we’ll have to disagree on this. BTW, love the name of your blog, excellent Major League reference.

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