Posted by: Kevin | September 5, 2006

Sadly, I am a Devil Worshiper

At least according to Father Gabriele Amorth, Pope Benedict XVI’s senior exorcist.  Story here.  I had to check a couple of sources before I wrote anything because there are so many absurdities in this story. 

First, there is a senior exorcist at the Vatican?  This is a joke right?  I was raised Catholic and I know the church officially believes that possession happens, in very rare cases, but they’ve actually got someone running around with that title.  Second, “I am convinced that the Nazis were all possessed.”  That’s a lot of possessed people, Satan must have been exhausted after all that hard work.  Third, “Wartime Pontiff, Pope Pius XII attempted a “long distance” exorcism of Hitler, which failed to have any effect.”  Are there special phone charges for a long distance exorcise?  Last but not least, “Behind Harry Potter hides the signature of the king of the darkness, the Devil.”  Riiight.  If that’s the case then lets also implicate the Prince of Darkness in the Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia and about a hundred other pieces of literature.  That Satan sure can wield a pen.  So someone reading this, if I’ve been taken in by a clever hoax, please let me know.  I’d much rather admire a good joke then hang my head at this BS.

On the off chance that this is true, let me add the following.  These stories (Harry Potter) are about the value of friendship, the importance of doing the right thing rather than the easy thing and the power of love.  That doesn’t sound much different from the Sermon on the Mount.  Ironically, in my opinion, the weakest part of JK Rowling’s writing are the parts specifically related to the practice of magic.  The thoughts and emotions of the heroes/heroines, struggling to do the right thing in difficult circumstances, are what make these books so good. 

Edit: I originally found mention of this story here.


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