Posted by: Kevin | September 7, 2006

In Case I Needed Another Good Reason Not go Back to Church

There’s this (Link courtesy of Feministe). 

My wife and I are currently “between Churches”, meaning that we were both raised Catholic but things like this and the church’s stance against gay marraige have made it impossible for us to identify as Catholics.  We both believe in God and would like to raise our children with some religion.  However finding something to scratch that itch, without the conservative, anti-woman, anti-gay BS has proven challenging. 

For more quality writing on this check here.



  1. Here via the trackback on Feministe. I’m an Anglican (Episcopalian in the US) and we have a lot of ex-Catholics, in part because the rituals are so similar. The doctrine is not, but the more liberal the parish, the more likely it has lots of Catholic-style trappings in the services. The Anglican and Episcopal Churches in North America tend to be fairly liberal. There are conservative parishes as well, but the liberal ones tend to be very welcoming. Speaking as a queer person myself, it was a fairly big deal for me to start attending a church where the head priest was a partnered gay man and none of the parishioners seemed bothered by it. Also, big commitment to social justice issues. So chances are unless you’re in a really remote area, there will be a liberal church within a reasonable distance of you. Here endeth the sales pitch.

  2. Actually posted the trackback by accident, still learning wordpress, but since it resulted in an intelligent response I guess I’m not that sorry. I’ll have to look into the local Episcopalians at some point and see if they’re the of the liberal variety. Thanks.

  3. Trackbacks are fun! And I’m sorry that you and your wife are going through some rough times when it comes to religion. I’ve been there.

  4. This is latae sententiae excommunication; it is an emphasis that abortion or the procurement of the same is a mortal sin. Those guilty of murder are automatically in a state of mortal sin. While excommunication is a serious action, latae sententiae excommunication can be removed by the local bishop (usually via confession) and many local bishops has extended this authroity to their local parish priests.

    In other words, they need to go to confession and honestly repent; just like any other Catholic that violates dogma or canon law.

  5. ooh, my grammar sucked. Sorry.

  6. Thanks Natalia, I’m still learning Blogging etiquette.

    Deep Thought, my issue with this story isn’t the semantics of excommunication. To be honest, I could care less. The fact that these people have been publicly shamed and punished is what gets me. If this was my daughter, I would have helped her obtain an abortion too, and I wouldn’t be the least bit sorry about it. Why is “hate the sin not the sinner” good for a rapist but not for this girls family?

  7. There is no hatred involved, just the repetition of something everyone should already know – the Catholic Church considers abortion murder and, thus, a sin. Someone involved in an assassination is also banned from all sacraments except confession, too. Rapist – the same thing. The girl is too young to be fully accountable.

    Anyone who helped the rapist is also under a ban from all sacraments from confession, too.

  8. Don’t turn your back on God and leave his Church for one reason or another. If you turn your back on God you will never find peace.

    • so Sad, because I’m rejecting your prefered brand of religious zealotry, I’m therefore rejecting God? Thank you for clearly illustrating the attitude I most hate from religous zealots. Also, kiss my ass.

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