Posted by: Kevin | September 12, 2006

Updated: Because I Need a Laugh

I’ve been getting too worked up thinking about politics and the state of the world lately.  So here are a few reasons to laugh.

1- Old Weight Watchers Recipe Cards – If I could upload pictures with any clarity, I’d do so just to give a sampling but you need to take my word for it.  My personal favorite is #2, “Bean and Mushroom Salad”

2 – A Salute to true genius
The picture quality isn’t great, but this man is drinking 5 beers simultaneously.  Added bonus, he looks like my cousin Greg.

3 – Fun with captions
“I have picked my nose!  And I will wipe my snot on you if my demands are not met!”

4 – Last but not Least, this is the only email forward I’ve ever kept because I like it so much.  I have no idea who wrote it originally, so if this is your work and I’m ripping you off, then I’m sorry, although it’s not like I get paid for this. 

A few years ago, Charlie Brown and the "peanuts" gang made a 
new friend who developed leukemia in an animated special 
titled, "Why, Charlie Brown, Why?"  Recently, Metlife has 
put out a series of instructional pamphlets which feature 
the "peanuts" gang dealing with such issues as the loss of 
a loved one, writing a will, and dealing with a permanent 
Now that Charlie Brown is dealing with important issues, 
how aboutsome "peanuts" specials for the kids of the 00’s?
·         We could learn about V.D. in, "It Burns when I urinate, 
Charlie Brown."
·         Chuck and the little redheaded girl find out about unwanted 
pregnancy in, "Damn straight it's your baby, Charlie Brown!"
·         Is Linus gay? Find out in, "it's a different kind of love, 
Charlie Brown."       

·         See how the "peanuts" gang deals with date rape in, "No 
means no, Lucy!"       

·         Discover a father's forbidden love in, "It's our little 
secret, Charlie Brown."      

·         Franklin speaks! The "peanuts" gang gets a lesson in Ebonics 
in, "Imo busta cap in yo ass, Charlie Brown!"      

·         What goes on in the mind of a serial killer? Discover the 
inner workings of pig pen's twisted psyche and meet his murderous 
alter ego, "Mr. Clean" in, "God called the trailer park and told 
me to do it, Charlie Brown."      

·         Charlie Brown peddles his body for crack money while stealing 
social security checks and boosting automobiles in "Blame it on the 
man, Charlie Brown!"      

·         Snoopy deals with his shortcomings after being neutered in 
"Why did you cut my balls off, Charlie Brown?"      

·         Marcy and Peppermint Patty explore their special feelings for 
each other in "You mow the grass, and so do we, Charlie Brown."
Randomly came accross this site which is a compilation of some 
of the funnier email forwards from days past.

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