Posted by: Kevin | September 12, 2006

We are a Society of Whores

And we spend are days banging that brutal pervert, expediency.  It’s the early morning hours of September 12th 2006 and I’ve spent way too much time watching and reading September 11th memorials and “where are we now” crap and I’m sick of it.  In the final analysis we got smacked in the teeth 5 years ago yesterday.  In the ensuing years we’ve learned nothing. 

Our ports still aren’t safe because Walmart doesn’t want their supply chain interrupted.  The planes we fly in still aren’t safe because God forbid your package takes 2 days to get where it’s going instead of one.  Anyone can make a bomb capable of taking down a building because “we wouldn’t cause undo hardship to our nation’s farmers”, who need to buy fertilizer.  And thank God too, because if I had to spend an extra ~$200-$300 on groceries every year I don’t know what I’d do.  Screw public safety.

But wait there’s more.  The organizations we’ve created to combat terrorists have grown like bloated slugs.  They’re reaching the point where their no longer nimble instruments of counter terrorism but over large bureaucracies incapable of swift decisive action.  Why, because people want to cover their ass and keep their jobs.  The only way to do that is make the rules of the organization rigid and limit everyone’s decision making.  Then demand a ton of reports so you don’t have to accept any responsibility for independent action.  Viola! Instant bureaucratic gridlock!  Want to fix that, well we’ll add another department to “streamline” things, that’ll fix it.

Fuck it all!  Lenin was right.  We’ll sell them the rope to hang us with.  It’s just that it isn’t Communists we’ll be selling too, they couldn’t afford it.

                      This Post is brought to you by Red Wine.


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