Posted by: Kevin | September 13, 2006

Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

My wife and I have been living in the Mid-Hudson Valley in NYS for about 3 years now.  In that time, we’ve watched our income stagnate, our property taxes increase by 10+% per year and the cost of oil double.  At the same time we’ve had three kids.  In other words, my wife and I are feeling the pinch.  Nothing bad yet, no real economic hardship, but it’s not where we want to be going with our lives. 

So we’ve decided to move.  We haven’t worked out the specifics yet but most likely it will be to the area of Columbia, SC.  My wife’s family all live down there and it’s much cheaper.  I’d also be able to keep my current job as I work remotely already.  This is a good thing as my current salary will stretch much farther in SC than it does in NYS.  The other possibility would be Boston, where my family lives, although that is far less likely because I would need to find a new job at a significant pay increase or face a dramatic decline in my family’s standard of living.  I’d also be guaranteed a long commute.

Needless to say, this is a scary thing to be contemplating.  While I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve never lived outside of the Northeast.  It’s going to be an adjustment living in a red state that still thinks highly of the Confederate flag.  I’m also concerned about higher concentrations of bible thumpers and Red necks.  Although, there are a surprising number of both in NYS, once you get outside of the city.  Most of all it bothers me that I’m giving up the dream of living in a major city. 

I spent many good years living in Boston and I always imaged I’d end up back there someday.  In the summer months, my girlfriend and I would take the train to the Park Street Station, pick up a newspaper and then slowly meander back down Newbury St. or Boylston St. stopping here and there to read the paper and have a cup of coffee.  Or we could take the train to Manchester by the Sea and go to Singing Beach.  Winters in Boston sucked, like they do for the whole Northeast, but there were plenty of fun nightspots to take to sting out of the cold.

That’s what I’ll be saying goodbye to when I move, the dream of returning to the city I love.  I could care less about my current place of residence.  It’s been an endless renovation project in a community where I have no roots.  Moving South means moving farther from the place that will always be home to me. It’s what I have to do though.  I’d never be able to afford Boston, at least not in the near future.  So moving back to Massachusetts would mean some generic suburb, just like the one I’m in now or the one I’d move to in SC.  Even if I could afford to go back to Boston, raising the kids would be more difficult.  Major cities just aren’t put together with children in mind.

So, on the off chance that anyone cares, I’ll also be posting / venting about the home selling, moving and home buying process over the next few months.

                         My favorite view of the city from accross the Charles River


EDIT:  There are times when wordpress F’s up my formating and it really pisses my off.  Grr



  1. Once again we will go on an interesting ride.

    I know this potential move is going to be hard, but staying here is getting hard as well.

    I am looking forward to actual weekends. Ones where we can (sort of) do what we want. I’m looking forward to regular babysitting. Real dates! That don’t make us broke! I’m looking forward to being able to start a career again, to someday be able to let you write full time rather than have every bit of our lives tied to one company. I’m looking forward to not shoveling snow and being able to run pretty much 12 months a year. I’m looking forward to being able to buy something!

    Of course I hate to give up the Boston dream. I haven’t given it up yet, but I don’t think we would ever have that cool life we envisioned that we’d come back to. There wouldn’t be T’s pub nights anymore, coffee at the Trident, and pour house hamburgers…..(at least not very often anyway) it would be living in Worcester, commuting, and more of suburbia. How would I get my double stroller on the T? I wouldn’t want to move that close to still be that far away.

    Just remember that I love you and no matter what the outcome is of this adventure it is what will be best for us. At least that is what I tell myself.

    Back to regularly scheduled parenting……

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