Posted by: Kevin | September 19, 2006

One More Reason to Love Colin Powell


In the past week Colin Powell has gone public with his objections to 2 of the more questionable aspects of the War on Terror.  In a letter to Senator John McCain, he supports the Senators opposition to the use of military tribunals and torture.  These are two men with extensive military backgrounds who are taking the position that these measures aren’t necessary in the fight against terrorism.  That carries a lot of weight with me.  Their argument, that our moral high ground is worth something, carries a lot of weight as well. 

An additional argument that I’d like to make is the impact these policies will have on our enemies in the  Middle East.  In WW2, Japanese soldiers often fought to the death causing many more casualties to the allied forces than were needed to determine the outcome of the battle.  This is in part due to cultural considerations.  It was also because of Japanese propaganda, which painted the allied soldiers as ruthless barbarians who would torture any Japanese soldier or civilian who surrendered.  The Battle of Saipan is an excellent example of this.  How much harder do the insurgents fight with the certain knowledge that they will be tortured if they are captured?  How many additional US soldiers will die fighting battles that have already been decided, simply because the enemy would rather be killed than captured?

For Additional writting on this topic please check Donklephant and Sideways Mencken


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