Posted by: Kevin | September 27, 2006

The Space Blog



Not sure how I missed this but Anousheh Ansari, the first female private space explorer and the first Iranian astronaut, has been bloging while in space.  It’s mostly about the day to day stuff of being in space (weightlessness, crowded quarters, etc.) but it’s an interesting read.



  1. Yeah, her blog is like the number one blog everyday. Just goes to show, all you have to do is get away from it all, gain a little perspective, and people will hang on your every word. Check out my blog at, , for some satire on pretty much anything and everything, the view from my chair isn’t quite as pristine as hers though.


  2. Tecmorose, as “look at my blog” comments go. That was a good one. BTW, fantastic posts on Chewbacca and global warming.

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