Posted by: Kevin | September 27, 2006

Two More from the Science & Space Pages of


I love the fact that these two stories appear one on top of the other. 

First we have this, a report authored by James Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies.  The gist of the report is that the Earth is at or near its warmest point in the last 1 million years.  According to the report this could lead to more frequent and severe El Ninos, a climate pattern which features a warming of the equatorial Pacific.  El Ninos, in turn, seem to drive warmer temperatures worldwide. 

But don’t tell that to the Bush administration.  They’re too busy sticking their heads in the sand on Global warming and its impact on Tropical Storms.  A seven member panel convened by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration was to publish a report on Global Warming and Tropical Storm strength in May.  They were blocked from doing so by the Commerce Department (the NOAA is part of the Commerce Dept.), in part because the report was “too technical”. 

The Global Warming denial really needs to stop.  It exists, the Earth is getting warmer and our government needs to acknowledge that human activity is playing a role in it.  I don’t want massive radical changes tomorrow.  A slow and steady shift away from fossil fuels would improve the environment and National Security.  Why aren’t more people talking about this?

More writing on this can be found here.


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