Posted by: Kevin | October 2, 2006

Richard Clarke to Partisan Assholes: Shut up and let’s fix this thing


In an Op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times titled “
Blinded by HindsightRichard A Clarke, former counter terrorism chief for both Clinton and Bush calls for an end to the partisan bickering over who is more responsible for 9/11.  The most recent spat stems from ABC’s “artistic interpretation” of the road to 9/11 which aired on Sept 11th of this year. 

The blatantly partisan inaccuracies of this dramatization forced a response from Democrats which has lead to charges and countercharges.  Meanwhile, Clarke reminds us, there is a failing occupation in Iraq and a suddenly faltering effort in Afghanistan to deal with.  To deal with them successfully requires at least an attempt at national consensus. 

It may be too late for this administration though.  The shameless use 9/11 as a political tool has driven a permanent wedge between Bush’s “true believers” and much of the rest of the country.  The irresponsible cries of “traitor” and “unpatriotic” lobed at critics has created an atmosphere where the dissent and compromise necessary for real dialogue is impossible.

H/T to Donklephant for the link.


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