Posted by: Kevin | October 4, 2006

Sometimes Life Doesn’t Suck

I was ready to beat myself up this evening.  I was thinking about my favorite history professor from my undergrad days, Professor John G. Gagliardo.  Back in 2001, I had heard that he was sick, I was under the impression that it was cancer and serious.  Prof. Gagliardo isn’t a young man by any stretch, so I had convinced myself that he was going to die.  And then I did nothing.  My favorite Professor from my undergrad days and I didn’t do a damn thing.  When my kids leave home and never call, it will be karmic payback for that.

So I was thinking about this professor today and I decided to google him and find out how things ended for him.  Well, it turns out they haven’t ended.  Prof. Gagliardo is alive, well and retired from BU.  Needless to say I’ve emailed to thank him for what he taught me over a decade ago and to express my happiness that he’s still involved with BU (I didn’t look up the definition of Emeritus until after I hit send).  Emailing him with “thank God you’re not dead!” seemed a little tacky, so I left that part out.


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