Posted by: Kevin | October 5, 2006

If You Like Women – Part 2

Ali Eteraz has put together a handy primer on what you can do to help 7 women condemned to death by stoning in Iran.  Go here, follow his instructions.  It’s takes less than 10 minutes and it might help save 7 people from being stoned to death.  If you’re so apathetic that this doesn’t interest you then I’d like you to picture the following before you go to sleep tonight.

Under Shari’a law, a prisoner is buried up to her breast, her hands restrained. Rules also specify the size of the stones which can be thrown so that death is painful and not imminent. Both men and women can be sentenced to die by stoning. In practise, however, an overwhelming number of women receive that penalty.
Inter Press Service News Agency Link

Picture yourself in that hole you fornicating little bastard.  Then tell me you cant be bothered.

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