Posted by: Kevin | October 9, 2006

I’d Like to Return this Parrot


The foreign policy of the Bush administration is dead.  Dead as in passed on, as in no more and has ceased to be.  Our foreign policy is a stiff, bereft of life and if 30 – 40 % of the country would stop nailing it to it’s perch, it would be resting in peace and pushing up daisies. 

A quick recap on the central tenets of Bush’s foreign policy:

Afghanistan – Because we failed to deliver a decisive blow in 2001/2.  The Taliban and Al Qaeda regrouped in Pakistan.  Now they have a safe haven there and are using it to destabilize both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Iraq – James Baker came forward over the weekend to join the growing list of prominent political figures who thing that “Stay the Course” is madness.  Troop casualties are up.  Sectarian violence continues unabetted.  And our presence seems to be creating more terrorists than we’re capturing killing.

Osama Bin Laden – Still alive and well.

The Axis of Evil – North Korea became an official nuclear power today.  Iran continues to resist diplomatic effortsto stop their own nuclear program.  So once we slap more sanctions on N. Korea, I wonder what they’ll do for money?  What can they sell and who can they sell to?  hmmm.

So there it is, the Bush administration’s foreign policy.  It’s rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.  It is an ex-foreign policy.

This bird is not pining for the fjords

p.s. If you don’t understand the parrot reference first look here.  Then go find a cable station that still shows Monty Python’s Flying Circus and watch it.  You wont regret it, unless you accidentally piss yourself from laughing too hard.

update: Link to the Dead Parrot sketch on YouTube.


  1. You’ve been eating too much old herring. Clinton is the one who let North Korea’s fat midget Kim Jong Il get the nuclear engineering while he used American tax payers’ money to pay Kim off for ot developing nuclear weapons. Very funny!

  2. Throwing NK in here was a bit of a cheap shot, I admit. Truth on North Korea is that neither president had a strong hand to play. Military intervention is off the table because the likely result would be the destruction of Seoul by NK conventional artillery. So Clinton tried to bribe and Bush tried to bully. Neither had any real leverage because Lil Kim doesn’t mind seeing his citizen’s starve or his economy fall to ruins. Glad you liked my rant though. Now I’m going to take the rest of my herring and look for the tallest tree in the forest.

    Edited for spelling

  3. Kevin,

    The irony of Kim Jong Il is amazing. Do you know that that pot-bellied dictator actually loves James Bond movies, he has the full collection. He really is a character right out of Dr. No. He produces a nuclear weapon even after Clinton paid him $1 billion not to. Now he wants more? Why don’t you donate your spare money to him?

  4. Just saw the story about the movie collection myself. That guy really is a cartoon character. As for donating, I paid taxes during the Clinton years so I’ve donated enough to the Dear Leader indirectly already.

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