Posted by: Kevin | October 13, 2006

Personal Crap You Wont Be Interested In

This picture is not of the Author.  I look much better in a tight white t-shirt

I received an Instant Message from my manager today with the fateful words “I need to chat with you about something, do you have a few minutes?”  Receiving this message on a Friday could mean one of several things.  1 – I’m getting laid-off (Hasn’t happened yet, unlikely to happen anytime soon), 2 – I’m getting a raise (hold on, I need to stop laughing), 3 – He needs me to take on some project or other (happens fairly regularly, it’s what they pay me for after all), 4 – He figured out that I Blog during work hours and wants me to knock it the fuck off or 5 – I’m about to be offered another position within the company (This happens every 9-12 mo).

Turns out it was #5 which beats the hell out of 1,3 and 4.  Actually it beats all of them because if it was ever #2 I’d know I was dreaming and then wake up disappointed.  But it’s not that good.  The company I work for, we’ll call it “Giant IT Company” or “GIC” for short, is a big believer in shuffling people around in jobs on a pretty regular basis.  I’m OK with that since I get bored easily and like the challenge of a new job.  What I don’t like, is that these shuffles don’t come with a pay raise. 

GIC doesn’t really believe in pay raises.  In over 3 years at GIC I’ve held four different jobs, received one promotional pay increase and 0 annual pay increases.  As a result my pay has fallen below what would be considered normal for someone with my education / experience.  To put it another way, they like my work but don’t want to pay a whole lot for it.  It’s not just me either, there has been an exodus of finance people at GIC with 3 – 5 years experience. 

So Whenever I get approached with a “growth and exposure opportunity” my bullshit radar starts pinging.  I’ve been doing growth and exposure for 3 years now.  I WANT MONEY.  I’m not working for under market salary because I admire their corporate mission.  I work there because the combination of salary and work/life balance is good for me right now.  If you want me to take a job that will pull me away from my family an extra 10 -15 hours a week you better fucking pay me for it.

So, while I’m flattered that I get considered for these positions, how can they seriously think I’d be interested?

One additional note, I look at the lives lead by some of the people higher up the food-chain in GIC and I’m not impressed.  If success means endless work hours, always being on call and a generally bitter disposition then count me out.



  1. So, in other personal crap that no one else will be interested in, I actually posted a new post to my blog.

    Please let me know how many more posts to do to get in with the cool kids and get on your blogroll.

    your faithful, wine lovin wife

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