Posted by: Kevin | October 27, 2006

If This Country Goes Down, It’s Taking Me With It


We’re all going down with this ship

 I’ve had a couple of running discussions going in the comment section of this post on Iraq.  The first discussion was with a young woman named Kat who spent 2 years in Iraq as a contractor.  I asked her some general questions on the rebuilding effort in Iraq and she provided some very detailed answers.  Callimachus, who first introduced Kat here, has taken up that thread on his own blog, Done with Mirrors.  Take the time to read what Kat has to say. 

The second discussion has been with a gentleman named Tom Murphy, of Representative Press.  Tom has trotted out many of the usual far left talking points including one that’s beginning to drive me crazy. 

‘Can you just answer one question and tell me why these sick politicians morph into “America” itself in your mind’

This is an outgrowth of the “He’s not my President!” meme.  In this case, I’m getting it because I’m supposed to blame America’s past mistakes on evil politicians.  As opposed to acknowledging that, in a Democracy, we all share in the failings of our leadership.  Whether or not we actually like that leadership. 

I’m not shy about criticing the administration of President Bush.  The mere fact that I can freely criticize him on a forum as public as this blog, implies that I have some (very small) power in determining how this country is run.  I can voice my opinion, and if that opinion fails to find an audience then it means one of two things.  Either I’m doing a very poor job of articulating myself or my opinion is so out of step that perhaps I should reconsider what it means to hold that opinion.

Moderates, in general, have failed to articulate themselves.  Despite being in the majority on nearly every issue of consequence; moderates, like myself, have failed to force those views to the forefront.  Thus, George Bush is our President.  Thus, our other option is an ineffective, overly liberal, Democratic Party.  That doesn’t give us the right to wash our hands of things. 

I feel this way because of one fundamental fact.  The success or failure of this country plays a huge role in my own personal success or failure.  Bush might just find a way to blow up the economy (War with Iran).  Some piece of shit might just nuke NYC.  Some new law might get proposed that drastically curtails personal freedom.  These are things that will have a direct, negative impact on my life.  Perhaps not immediately, but eventually. 

I don’t have an ivory tower somewhere that I can retreat to.  I don’t always have the luxury of casting a protest vote, knowing full well I’m actually helping the wrong guy win the election.  Disowning my government is not an option, because as long as I live here, it’s not going to disown me.



  1. Kevin, I thought you might be interested in my response to Kat. to your post “Lest We Go too Far in Our Opposition to Bush’s Iraq”

    I still am putting together my response to you, I will post it soon. I am not so quick to blame the victims of lies and deception as you are. I agree with you success this country is vital, that is why these issues must be discussed.

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