Posted by: Kevin | November 2, 2006

Weird and Interesting Art on the Web

In my continued quest to find the end of the internet I’ve come across many interesting things.  There are hidden surprises, like sports websites dedicated to exposing the stupidity of sports commentary.  There are political sites that actually feature the words of thinking human beings.  I’ve even found places where I can download old Nintendo games and a Nintendo emulator for my PC. 

As much as I enjoy these things, I reserve a special place in my heart for the visual surprises.   I’m not talking about half naked movie, music and tennis starlets or porn.  I’m talking about real art, stuff that either amazes with its skill, beauty or social commentary.  With that in mind, here are three sources of real art. 

Julian Beever’s Pavement Drawings 


You might have seen some of his work in a chain letter that’s been circulating for some time.  If you haven’t, check out his site.  The things this guy can do with chalk are beyond amazing.  Special thanks to my wife for pointing this one out to me.

Jordan Matter – Uncovered Photo Collection

Sorry, my wife reads this blog

I originally found this by following a blind link that I thought was about Breast Cancer awareness.  Having lost two aunts to Breast Cancer, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Breast Cancer awareness activities and fundraisers.  Turns out, this photo essay was about the more general, Breast Awareness (insert stale whit here). 

New York is the few places in America where it is legal for a woman to walk around bare breasted.  Jordan Matter began asking women to pose topless for him in public places in NYC after Janet Jackson’s exposed herself during the Super Bowl.  He wanted to document the “great outrage of the American people” cited by the FCC.  In his own words the reactions he found were for the most part enthusiasm, humor and encouragement.  My sentiments exactly.

Hasan Elahi – Private Citizen?


Hasan is a conceptual artist with an interest in surveillance.  This interest started shortly after 9/11 when he was detained at Detroit Airport while returning from a trip overseas.  The full story can be read here.  After keeping the FBI up to speed on his whereabouts and travel plans for several months, he asked him self “Why just tell the FBI – Why not tell everybody?”  He hacked his cell phone into a tracking device and began documenting everything he did through photos.  He views this both as a perpetual alibi and art form.  (H/T to Feministe for the link)


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