Posted by: Kevin | November 6, 2006

Anyone Who Plays Civ Would Understand This

My Words Are Backed By NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Six Arab states are expressing an interest in or exploring their options for civilian nuclear power.  Naturally, they will go to great lengths to assure the rest of the world that their programs dedicated to peaceful purposes only.  Naturally, they will be lying out their collective asses.

I don’t blame any country for wanting nuclear weapons, especially in the Middle East.  They share that part of the world with a nuclear armed Israel, a soon to be nuclear armed Iran and the nuclear armed,and interfering from 8,000 miles away, United States.  The difference is that these states are run by shaky, undemocratic regimes. 

The governments of these nations do not have a monopoly on force within their own borders, which is the danger of nuclear proliferation.  A head of state, no matter how corrupt or ruthless, is highly unlikely to see the value in a nuclear attack.  The risk is simply too great.  But in a nation which shares it’s land, even it’s government, with a non-state entity that safeguard don’t exist.  A non-state entity (i.e. terrorist group) has nothing to defend.  They have no population, no industry, no commerce to be threatened.  All they need to survive is money and recruits and it doesn’t matter where either of those comes from.

The end result of nuclear proliferation is that our collective security will be in the hands of the least stable money backer for terrorist organizations.  I have no solutions to offer here.  In every game of Civ that I’ve acquired nukes, I’ve used them.  The only instances where I didn’t, were those when my opponents also had nukes.  So maybe, after a 40 year cold war and 20+ years as the world’s only superpower, we’ll be right back to where we were in 1950.  Mutually assured destruction will be the only thing keeping us safe.  Good times.     

H/T to The Reaction


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