Posted by: Kevin | November 6, 2006

Remember Afghanistan?

Have you seen my National Security?  I left it around here somewhere.

It’s that country in Central Asia crammed between Iran and a bunch of countries whose names end in “-istan”.  I think we sent some troops there a while back to get some guy we didn’t like.  What was his name again?  I cant remember but I really don’t spend much time thinking about him anyway.  I guess I’ve been too focused on that centerpiece of the war on terror, Iraq. 

Now it looks like things aren’t going well in Afghanistan.  The CIA says that we’re in danger of losing.  NATO commanders don’t think we have enough troops on the ground.  And neighboring Pakistan has already reached a peace agreement with the Taliban that gives them safe harbor in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan.

Why are we fucking this one up?  The military action in Afghanistan was far and away the easiest potential win for the Bush administration.  The Taliban supports Al Qaeda.  They ruled the country responsible for ~80% of the world’s heroin production.  Last but not least, they refused to help us after 9-11. 

Virtually ever, single American wanted to see them get their asses kicked after 9-11.  Spend billions to get Osama Bin Laden, sure sign me up.  Send in tons of troops, great lets do it.  Work with some questionable characters to stabilize the country and keep the Taliban out, hey anything to get the job done.  Afghanistan should have been a slam dunk. 

No we’re slowly losing.  We cant touch the Taliban in Pakistan without going to war with Pakistan.  That means we can only react.  Not having the initiative is never a good thing.  It means a lot of your soldiers will get killed or wounded.  How long are we willing to be bled in Afghanistan, while simultaneously bleeding in Iraq?  It’s not a question I know the answer to.

CS Monitor link comes from Donklephant


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