Posted by: Kevin | November 7, 2006

An Open Letter to Virginia Voters

Are you poor?  or a minority?
Then I’d prefer it if you didn’t vote.

First I’d like you to take a few minutes to read this article on voter tampering.  This is the Republican Party at work.  George Allen is locked in a tight battle with Jim Webb.  He has hurt his chances by sticking his foot in his mouth time and again during his reelection campaign.  Now his party has resorted to bullshit tactics to try and win the election.

Documented incidents of suppression incidents include:

1) Calls that Voting will Lead to Arrest.

 2) Widespread Calls, Allegedly from “Webb Volunteers,” Telling Voters that their Polling Location has Changed.

3) Fliers in Buckingham County Say “SKIP THIS ELECTION” (paid for by the RNC) have caused many in the African American community to call the Board of Elections to see if the election is still on. The full tag line says: “SKIP THIS ELECTION… (and then in smaller print): Don’t Let the Tax and Spend Liberals Win.”

4) Voter Machine Problems.
a. On many ballots in heavily Democratic neighborhoods, Jim’s name is cut off. The ballots say: “James H. (Jim)” with no Webb.
b. New reports that ballots in Essex County have Jim’s name split on 2 pages. The “James H (Jim)” on one page, “Webb” on the next.
c. Reports of voting machines in Isle of White that do not provide a clear image of the ballot, making voting a challenge.

This election has long since ceased to be about ideas or ways to make our country better.  It’s only about winning.  As a voter, nothing I could gain from my party winning this election, would justify these tactics.  The problem with getting really dirty to win an election is that after you win, you’re still really dirty.  So if you’re a fan of functioning Democracy and you’re not cool with voter intimidation, then please vote this asshole out of office.

H/T to Donklephant for the link



  1. “if you’re a fan of functioning Democracy and you’re not cool with voter intimidation, then please vote this asshole out of office.”

    I could not agree more. George Allen is the wrong direction for America and the latest actions indicate a danger for those that value a functioning democracy. He and his people do not respect basic American principles. I put this short video together because their tactics really infuriated me: Sen. Allen’s thugs assault Mike Stark

    After the election, the American people need to start working on creating legislation that will put politicians in their places. For starters, we need to have mandated public question and answer sessions were the general public can ask questions. I don’t know about you, but I simply do not see the questions I would like asked getting asked. Kevin, are there questions you think the media should be asking but they are not?

    And if these politicians are willing to do these things to fellow American, why do you find it so unbelievable that they would be less than noble to foreigners in other countries?

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