Posted by: Kevin | November 16, 2006

Updated: If I Should Happen To Visit Your Home…

And I find OJ Simpson’s new book, “If I Did It” on your bookshelf, bad things will happen.  First, I’ll ask to use your bathroom and then pee in your shampoo bottles.  Then, if the opportunity arises, I’m going to poop in you pantry.  I doubt you’ll mind.  After all, you’re cool with letting written excrement into your home.  Why should the real thing offend you?

Update:  Fox pulls the plug on the OJ book and interview.  This is one instance where popular opinion/outrage is right on target.  Unfortunately, it’s a given that bootlegs of both the interview and the book will find their way to the public.  At least OJ won’t be profiting from them.

You’ve been warned

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