Posted by: Kevin | November 17, 2006

Bipartisan Government?

George Bush says “Fuck that noise!”

The election is less that two weeks old and President Bush has already made it clear what he think “Bipartisan Government” means.  It means the Democrats join the Republicans in doing whatever the hell he tells them to.  His party got trounced in last week’s election, an election which was seen as a referendum on his leadership.  His response?  To push an agenda for the lame-duck Congress that is as far right as anything he’s pushed in his 6 years in office.

First there is Bush’s choice to renominate 6 past candidates for the Federal Appeals Court.  From the New York Times:

The four nominees whose chances of confirmation are viewed as nearly impossible are: William J. Haynes II, the Pentagon’s general counsel who was involved in setting many of the interrogation policies for detainees; William G. Myers III, a longtime lobbyist for the mining and ranching industries and a critic of environmental regulations; Terrence W. Boyle, a district court judge in North Carolina; and Michael B. Wallace of Mississippi, a lawyer rated unqualified for the court by the American Bar Association

None of these nominations seems calculated to bring in Democrat support.  Bush is either trying to force through his people before the new Congress starts or he’s trying to paint Democrats as obstructionists.

Bush has also asked that Congress reappoint John Bolton as the Ambassador to the United Nations and to approve his warrant less wiretapping program.  I don’t care much for the UN but Bush could have gone a long way in extending the olive brand to the Democrats by appointing someone whom they didn’t despise. 

As for the wiretapping, the Democrats have repeatedly indicated that they would meet the President halfway.  They want this surveillance too.  They are just asking for some kind of supervision on it.  Bush continues to refuse any compromise on this issue.

Last but not least Bush has appointed Dr. Eric Keroack to oversee Title X funding.   That is the Federal Program devoted to family planning and reproductive health.  Dr. Keroack is the medical director of a Massachusetts Pregnancy Crisis Center.  These Crisis Centers are a source of controversy because their sole purpose is to stop women from having abortions. 

This in of itself isn’t horrible but their tactics have include, deception, coercion and in a few rare cases outright harassment.  A more detailed look at Pregnancy Crisis Centers can found here.  The most damning indictment of these centers is that they provide little or no actual medical services.  Yet they divert funding from organizations which do provide pre-natal care to pregnant women.  Now these trend will likely get worse.

Bush has long since given up the pretense of being a “Uniter not a divider” but this latest series of moves is tough to understand.  Last weeks election showed beyond a doubt that the voters are tired of one party government.  Yet Bush seems incapable of grasping that.  These moves will only push the Democrats to fight harder for their own agenda once they take over Congress in January. 

the link for Dr. Keroack courtesy of Feminste


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