Posted by: Kevin | January 8, 2007

Some Holiday Post Scripts

If you don’t care about my Personal life,
just enjoy this picture and move on.

It’s January 8th and I’ve shaken off the last residue of New Year’s Day hangover, eaten all the Christmas candy and even cleaned out the leftovers from all the parties.  So it seems like a good time to reflect on the holidays.  This season was crazier/busier than any I can recall, mostly on account of the kids.  This was also the first time it really hit home that Christmas has very little to do with me anymore.

Trying to coordinate schedules, so that my siblings and I could get together on Christmas Eve was absurdly difficult.  Between people going to church, traveling to other relatives and managing various nap schedules, we had a 4 – 5 hour window.  Into that window we crammed greetings, oh’ing and ah’ing over kids, eating deep fried turkey (yum) and gift exchanging.  This was the only time all four of us were together, so it was worth the effort.  Special thanks go to my sister who hosted the get together and got stuck with a lot of the clean up.  Next year I’ll have the kids trained up so they can do the damn dishes. 

Christmas day was a much more relaxed affair at my parent’s house.  My three year old finally gets the whole Christmas thing and her excitement was infectious.  As I sat there holding one of her brothers (who busy blowing his nose into my sweater), it occurred to me that my time as Christmas morning guest of honor has long since past and I’m cool with that.  It’s hard to argue with a child’s joy on Christmas morning.

I still got some good loot though, including an IPod Shuffle, which my wife and I are sharing.  How did we survive without it?  My daughter and my twin boys all got spoiled outrageously.  So we are now trying to find room for still more toys in our house. 

With the madness of Christmas past, there was one more event to celebrate before returning home.  This was the successful return of our friend Mike from service in Iraq.  I don’t know exactly what Mike was doing over there, and it didn’t seem like the right time to ask him.  I’m just glad he made it through OK.  I hope the rest of the soldiers over there now have the same good fortune.  On a less serious note, it was a great party.

New Year’s Eve was a relaxing affair.  After having dinner and drinks with some family friends, the wife and I got drunk and obnoxiously lit fireworks at 11:30 pm.  We celebrated the ball dropping on TV, drunk dialed some family and called it a night.

So that’s my life during the holidays.  Congratulations if you’ve read this far.  As a treat for your perseverance, I have the following question to pose to you.  The gift below arrived a couple of days ago.  It’s a Christmas gift from a family friend of my in-laws.  Am I wrong for finding it a little strange?


Phallic symbol / sex toy


or innocent ice cream scooper?


You tell me.



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