Posted by: Kevin | January 11, 2007

A Really Quick Thought on “The Surge”

Just wanted to get this down for the record.  “The Surge” as proposed by President Bush, sucks the rigid cock of Satan.  20K more troops in Iraq will not be enough to turn the tide because the current Iraqi government has no desire to turn the tide.  They want to keep killing Sunnis.  200K might have been enough but even then I wouldn’t be 100% confident. 

 All “The Surge” will accomplish is political coverage for Bush and the Republican party.  They will use this escalation as a means of dumping the mess into the next president’s lap.  Mark my words, in 2 – 3 years time it will be Republicans who start the contentious “Who Lost Iraq?” debate.  They’ll trot out the usual scapegoats of Liberals, Feminists, the United Nations, Homosexuals, etc. 

Who among them will have the guts to face the public and say, “We are to blame for this.  We planned poorly, our assumptions were unsound and the enemy proved to be more determined than we expected.”  I don’t think any of them will, which is a shame.  Because, I could respect such a person.  I would even consider voting for such a person.



  1. It way be far worse than that. People are starting to realize that Bush threatened Iran in the speech and US raid on the Iranian consulate in Iraq is a bad sign. A worse sign is the air craft carriers and the missiles that Bush is sending over there.

    It would be another war crime on a huge scale and could very well spiral out of control into WWIII.

    Now I don’t know about you but every WWIII forecast I have ever seen predicted deaths in excess of the casualties of every other war to date. We are living in dangerous times. It is critical that we pull Bush’s ability to start another war NOW. His violation of the US Constitution is grounds enough to politically neutralize him to prevent him from destroying millions of lives.

  2. I’m not ready to jump on the WW3 band wagon yet but I think Congress could do us all a favor by passing something to the tune of “The president is not authorized to expand the use of force outside of Iraq yet.” If anything could result in President Pelosi, it would be an economic crisis brought on by a military move against Iran. Bush (or his advisors at least) must realize that, right? um right?? please be right.

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