Posted by: Kevin | January 16, 2007

ebay’ing My Life Away

These guys deserve to be rich

This may become a new post-holiday tradition.  My wife and I have spent the past week going through all of our old computer games, CDs and books with the intention of listing anything we don’t want to keep.  We’ve also been going through a lot of the junk that is cluttering our small home.  I know I’m a little late to this particular parade, but I’m amazed that people are actually biding on this stuff.

We started with old computer games.  I’ve been buying 1 – 2 games per year since about 1998.  It’s entertainment and as addictions go, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than crack.  The result is that I’ve accumulated about a dozen games that weren’t on my play list anymore but were too good to just throw out.  So far We’ve turned those games into more than $60 with a couple of auctions still to close.  It’s enough to make me wonder what I could get if I were willing to part with my CD’s for Baldur’s Gate 2.
After cleaning out the computer games, we moved on to a lot of the random stuff in our house.  For instance, a distant relative in my wife’s family thought a useless, easily breakable, ceramic “collectible” would be an excellent gift for our 3 year old daughter.  That way, if she somehow keeps it in one piece, it will still be ugly and worthless years from now.  Though I would like to smash this gift on general principal, wiser heads (my wife) prevailed and we’ve already received bids. 

The most surprising thing is with the perfume bottles.  People are bidding on an opened, slightly used perfume bottle that was collecting dust on my wife’s dresser.  That, to me, is already a little strange.  What is crazy though, is that the current bid is >65% of list.  Tack on shipping and the winning bidder will end up paying 70-75% of list for a used perfume bottle.  I guess people like their scents and I’ll take the money, but it feels like stealing. 

Soon my wife and I will be digging into our CD collection.  Now that we have an IPod we’ve been loading all the CDs onto the home computer.  When that’s done, we’re selling the ones we don’t listen to.  So, goodbye one hit wonders.  Though you’ll live on in my computer, your time in my home is at an end.  After that, we’ll dig into the movie collection and part with some of the more misguided gifts we’ve received. 

I don’t mean to knock the people biding by the way (except for the bidders on the ceramic crap, seriously people WTF).  The computer games I’m selling were all great games.  And one man’s trash truly is another’s treasure.  I’m just kicking myself for not realizing ebay’s potential earlier.  I’ve been complaining for months about how much crap we’ve accumulated in our home.  It’s nice to be doing something about it.  It’s extra nice to be making money while doing something about it.


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