Posted by: Kevin | January 19, 2007

My Starship is Bigger than Yours

You’re Goddamn Right That’s no Moon 


Dedicated nerds can always find something to argue about when it comes to SciFi.  Few topics can generate more heated discussions than the relative quality of starships.  Would the Super Star Destroyer Executor (my personal favorite) kick Battlestar Galatica’s ass?  Which was bigger Unicron or the first Death Star?  Is there anything less intimidating looking than the Starship Enterprise?


Sadly, for those of you who quickly tire of these discussions, some of the questions will never be answered.  However, now we can at least tell once and for all which starship is bigger.  We know this thanks to the excellent work done at Jeff Russell’s Starship Dimensions.  Sigh, the little geek within is all aflutter. 


H/T to Bad Astronomy


Update:  Edited for formatting.  Fixed quote


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