Posted by: Kevin | February 14, 2007

An Uncomfortable Truth about Democrats and Iraq

Back in November the US public voted for a huge shift in our political leadership.  8 new Democratic Senators and 30 new Democratic Representatives joined Congress with a mandate from the Public to fix things in Iraq.  Yet so far they’re failing to do so. 

Since the 110th Congress started on January 4th, the Democratic leadership has repudiated any measure that smacks of de-funding this war.  This includes measures from Russell Feingold (he’s got some serious balls for an enemy comforting, peacenik, traitor) and Barack Obama that would have cut funding and/or mandated troop reductions. 

It’s still early, but the Democrats are edging closer and closer to failing the public that voted them in.  One could argue that there are several good reasons to do this.  It’s unlikely that a de-funding measure would pass right now.  There is the (grossly incorrect) assumption that de-funding puts are troops at risk.  Lastly, there is the fear of being branded as “soft” on National Security. 

None of those reasons are good enough in light of the situation in Iraq and the desires of the American people.  We are losing in Iraq and most Americans want a new strategy.  Just opposing “The Surge” isn’t a new strategy.  Non-binding resolutions aren’t a new strategy.

So to the Democrats, I say the following:  Stop screwing around and get your shit together.  De-fund this war and start the process that gets our troops home or come up with a strategy that can win in Iraq.  You were put in office to fix our foreign policy.  Now get to work.

Glenn Greenwald does a much better job of writing about this here.


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