Posted by: Kevin | March 1, 2007

Does This Mean I Can Go Back to Driving my Coal-Powered Hummer?

That’s right punk, whale skin hubcaps and
big brown baby seal eyes for headlights.

In the past couple of days since Al Gore won an Oscar for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, a lot of noise has been made about Al Gore’s own electric bill.  Some (non)entity called the Tennessee Center for Policy Research acquired Al Gore’s electric bill, which tops $1,359 a month.  This story has been taken up with glee by right wing websites and pundits as a chance to label Gore a hypocrite.

What they haven’t done is addressed the actual content of Gore’s message.  That’s hardly surprising because the noise machine never addresses the actual issues.  Questions about our foreign policy priorities are met with cries of “Enabling the enemy!”  Now concerns about global warming are met with, “You hypocrite!” 

But is Al Gore a hypocrite?  He’s been selling the idea of the “carbon footprint” for some time now and to his credit, he does his best to live by that message.  He buys green power when he can and buys carbon to offset the rest.  I’d prefer he do more to lower his energy usage, because I don’t think that model is sustainable.  But he is at least attempting to practice what he preaches.

Regardless of my thoughts on Al Gore’s lifestyle, I still think his message is important.  Global Warming is happening.  Humans are at least partially to blame.  More importantly, we humans can still do something to mitigate the impacts of Global Warming.  Yet we’re wasting our time on smokescreen issues like Al Gore’s electric bill.

Hat tips to Seeing the Forest
Crooks and Liars
Done with Mirrors


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