Posted by: Kevin | March 14, 2007

Got a Third of a Million Dollars Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

Ain’t she a beauty!

Let me know because I’ve got a deal for you.  My wife and I finally put our home on the market last week.  So after 3 years, one new room, several paint jobs, new windows, new doors, new carpets, assorted electrical work, and an ungodly amount of hours put in, our home is finally ready to belong to someone else.  I guess you could say parting will be bitter sweet. 

My problem with my current location has nothing to do with my home itself.  It could be larger or require less maintenance but it hasn’t been bad.  The backyard is huge, almost too big actually.  The interior space is pretty good, especially now that we’ve cleared out so much of the clutter.  My family and I could have been very happy in this home.

The problem is the community.  I live in New York State, where taxes are ridiculous.  I come from Massachusetts, so that should tell something.  My home is in an area where people can still commute to New York City, so property values are inflated.  Worse than all of that, is the fact that I never felt like I belonged here.

That is partially my own fault.  My wife gave birth to our daughter within a couple of weeks of us moving here.  Since then we’ve added twin boys to our family.  That alone has been enough to keep me from getting out much.  Even when I did have time though, there were very few options available to me.  I’ve looked for men’s hockey leagues, joined a gym, tried to find writing groups, all to no avail.  I completely failed at building a social network here.

So while I will miss my house, I won’t miss the town.  I put down no roots and so picking up and moving is a simple proposition.  The only question left is where too.  The answer, surprisingly, is the Columbia, South Carolina area.  My wife’s family is there.  Hopefully, we can call upon that Southern hospitality to help my wife and I to plug into the community.  Most ironically, I’ve already found 2 men’s leagues for ice hockey that I can join.

Better still is that we’ll be spending less money on our home.  Given the recent news from the mortgage markets, that would seem like a very good idea right now.  In fact I’m currently crossing my fingers in the hopes that we can beat the wave that seems to be building in the housing market

But enough bad news, how ‘bout that house I’m selling!  It’s minutes from the train and highway, in one of the best school districts in New York State.  It’s newly renovated and impeccably maintained.  And it could be all yours for the low monthly payment of $1,600 (30 mortgage at 5.75% on $272K principal).  For less than $54 dollars a day, you too can enjoy all the charms of the Mid Hudson Valley.  So what do you say?

Hat Tip to The Impolitic for the Bloomberg story


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