Posted by: Kevin | March 15, 2007

The Greatest Weekend in Sports

That’s what is starting today.  You probably don’t need me to tell you that the first 2 rounds of the NCAA tournament are the most exciting spectacle in sports.  You probably don’t need me to tell you that the nonstop noon to midnight (EST) action beats anything else on TV.  But I guess I just told you anyway. 

The rest of the tournament I could take or leave, usually depending on how my bracket is doing, but this weekend is indispensable.  It’s when I forget about all the ugliness associated with big-time college athletics and just enjoy the show. 

I’d attach my bracket so everyone could get a good laugh but I haven’t figured out how.  So instead I’ll just add that my final four teams are Florida, Kansas, Georgetown and Texas A&M, with Kansas winning it all.  Feel free to laugh at me if all of them get knocked out this weekend.



  1. Just wanted to add here that I still have 6 elite 8 teams left alive and all 4 final four teams. So I’m still in the hunt in the pool I’m in.

  2. Well so much for that, Kansas getting knocked out means that for the 20+ year in a row, I will not be winning an NCAA pool. My record for futility will still be the one year when the team I picked to win it all got knocked out in the first round but this year was not one of my better showings.

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