Posted by: Kevin | March 27, 2007

Bigger Than Politics

It’s very easy to point at the many loud, angry voices out there in the world of media and say “they speak for all of their kind”.  Choose any group:  liberals, conservatives, the religious, atheists, etc. and then identify who you think defines that group.  Unless it’s a group you’re intimately familiar with, chances are you’ll pick someone on the extreme. 

It’s a media driven phenomenon.  Controversial people generate ratings.  Rating generate money.  The result is that many thoughtful voices get drowned out or lost in the noise.  So I was please to see this blog post the other day.  It’s a survey of the conservative reaction to the news of Elizabeth Edwards’ recurring cancer and the follow-up announcement that the Edwards campaign would go on. 

The results are almost universally positive and supportive.  It’s a shame that it takes something as unpleasant as cancer to bring out the humanity in both sides of the political spectrum.  But it’s good to see that humanity laid bare.  We are all vulnerable to the same diseases, the same weaknesses and human frailties.  It would be nice if we could remember that all the time.

Update:  I should add, good luck to both Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow

Hat Tip to The Moderate Voice
Hat Tip to Skippy


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