Posted by: Kevin | March 29, 2007

OK, So I am a Shameless Fanboy *Update*

US Children’s Cover

The cover art for Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows has been revealed by Scholastic and Bloomsbury.  Also worth noting is that the US edition will be 784 pages long.  This is a good thing because I’m not going to want the book to end.

 This news curtesy of MuggleNet.  Click that link and you’ll also find a high def version of the front and back cover of the US childrens addition.  I point that out because the back cover reveals something.  I just have no idea what.  I guess I’ll find out in 113 days and yes I have already pre ordered.

Update:  Just wanted to add this link to an article in The Observer that my wife sent me.  It’s months old but still pretty funny.  Here is my favorite part.

So, I say to the two women next to me, why are you here? Although in truth I think I already know: such-wonderfulbooks, JK Rowling-a-genius etc.

‘It’s just great to be able to talk to other people about Harry Potter,’ says the first one, Lisa. I nod my head earnestly. ‘Particularly,’ she says, ‘Harry Potter porn.’

Yes, I am a fanboy and yes, my wife is a fangirl.  However, I don’t see any Harry Potter porn in our future.


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