Posted by: Kevin | April 2, 2007

I Really Want to Write Something Positive about Religion for Once

So I would appreciate it if someone with a little religious authority would kindly tell Bill Donohue to shut the fuck up.  I was raised Catholic and although I’m not practicing, I still believe in some of what I was taught in Church.  I think anyone who could deliver the Sermon on the Mount is at the very least, divinely inspired.  And I think that anyone who would go through the trouble of turning water into wine wouldn’t have a problem with this:


It’s a statue of Jesus on an invisible cross, rendered in chocolate.  It’s part of an exhibit titled, “My Sweet Lord” by Cosimo Cavallaro that was to be displayed at the Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan.  Aside from the unusual medium, there is nothing to separate this from many renaissance pieces.  The lack of the usual loincloth is actually a touch of realism.  The Romans typically stripped prisoners before crucifixion in order to maximize humiliation. 

That didn’t stop Bill Donohue and his band of merry assholes from going into full outrage mode again.  Much like his last bout of “outrage”, Donohue’s statements against “My Sweet Lord” were followed by harassment and death threats to the artist.  The hotel has shut down the show out of fear for public safety. 

I am truly sick of these people who claim to speak for Christianity, or any religion for that matter, yet freely engage in this kind of behavior.  I’m even sicker of those who might offer a more moderate view, failing to speak up.  Not all religious authorities are raving lunatics.  Where are the rest of you?  Why do you allow the loudest, most hate filled to speak for you?  Or is it that I’m wrong and religion really is about hate.

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  1. i think it’s disgusting also. that’s why i don’t believe in organized religion. you make very valid points. people need to get a grip on themselves.

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