Posted by: Kevin | May 2, 2007

Somebody Get These Girls a Sammich Stat!

While innocently wasting time on the internet today I can across a blog bemoaning the death of modesty in the world today.  Intrigued, I read the post which was about a picture circulating on yahoo right now from Australia’s fashion week.  It involves a swimsuit that is somehow more anatomically correct than just plain nudity. 


So yes, the swimsuit the young lady is wearing is a bit…um…form fitting.  However, what I found just as interesting, and more alarming, is how skinny the poor women is.  I understand that there’s an expectation that models should be unnaturally thin (whose idea was that anyway?).  Yet that picture is one of the less outrageous examples.


These pictures all come from the same fashion show.  What the hell are we doing to these poor girls?  This is not normal and this is not what I want my daughter to think is normal when she gets older.  It’s not the fault of these models either.  They are expected to be this thin.  So who is setting these expectations?  Because I’d like to have a long discussion with them and explain that healthy is sexy.  Skeletal is scary.

To those models (and I know you’re reading), I would just say this.  You don’t need to be that thin to be beautiful.  So go out and eat a steak.  Start small, maybe a 6-oz fillet cooked no more than medium rare and throw in some veggies on the side.  Have a glass or two of Merlot to go with it.  I’d take you myself but I wouldn’t want you or my wife to get the wrong idea. 

PS. If steak isn’t your thing here is an excellent set of instructions on how to make a proper sammich.

PPS.  I think some of the pictures above might be of the same model.  I cant tell for sure though because apparently models are unworthy of being identified in the captions of these photos on Yahoo.  Which seems kind of like bullshit to me.

PPPS.  I recognize that being a guy and posting something on women’s body issues is probably not the brightest thing I’ve ever done.  Then again, it’s not like anyone actually reads this blog.

Edited to fix link.



  1. Hehehehe. But I AM reading, Kevin.

    Seriously, you’re right – skinny is not normal on most people. There is a small percentage of the population who are naturally skinny. The rest of us are not. And I’m saying this as a relatively thin woman – size 6, anyone? Yet in the world of fashion, chicks like me are practically obese.

    I *could* drop down to a size 4 or even 2 – I’ve been there before. But it’s not healthy on someone like me. I’d have fainting spells and other health problems again.

    Funnily enough, Australia has been *banning* too-thin models from their catwalks, lately.

  2. Thanks, it’s nice to know that someone’s reading. As for this, I guess I’ll never understand the whole size 0 trend. Healthy, happy and in shape trump size any day in my opinion. I don’t like the idea of banning too-thin models though since they aren’t the one’s setting the impossible standard but I guess they have to do something.

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