Posted by: Kevin | May 8, 2007

Roger Clemens is a Yankee – Yawn

Baseball fans already know this, but Roger Clemens announced during the 7th inning stretch of Sunday’s Yankees – Mariners game.  Clemens, now 45, signed a $28 million contract that will be prorated based on how much of the season Clemens actually plays.

As a Red Sox fan, I’m truly relieved that he DIDN’T sign with the Sox for a couple of reasons.  First, because he’s 45-years old and isn’t nearly the pitcher he was 6 – 7 years ago.  Second, he’s evil and expensive.  Signing him after they already laid out $100 million for Dice-K would have been too much, an embarrassment of riches.

The move by Clemons is true to form.  He was pursued by only 3 clubs;  His hometown club which has bent over backwards for him over the past 3 years, The current best club in the American league, and the club willing to throw the most money at him.  Ever the mercenary, Clemens went for the money.  I cant fault him for that, but it would be nice of him to admit it for once.

“Make no mistake about it, I’ve come back to do what they only know how to do here with the Yankees, and that’s win a championship,” Clemens said. “Anything else is a failure, and I know that.”

Good luck on that one.  In the meantime here is the Sport Guy’stake on it (about half-way down), and I tend to agree.  Clemens is either going to be terrible or an HGH scandal waiting to happen.  Here is another gem (HT to FireJoeMorgan), Click on the “Roger Clemens is Back!” soundfile in the right hand margin.  Yankees announcer, Suzyn Waldman, apparently thinks she’s announcing V-E day or perhaps she’s auditioning for a WWE announcing job.


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