Posted by: Kevin | May 21, 2007

A Candidate We Can All Support

I’ll get back to putting a little more thought into my posts later this week.  In the meantime, let me offer this, from the NEE Party in Belgium.  They are running a protest campaign in the 2007 Belgian General Election. 


Per wikipedia

It attracted international attention when its lead candidate for senate, “Tania Dervoux,” posed naked in an ad that promised to create 400,000 jobs. The ad was intended as an attack on other parties that made claims about job creation that NEE considered ridiculous. According to the NEE website, she received back requests not for jobs, but for blowjobs. In return, NEE posted a form on its website offering the opportunity to subscribe for one of the 40,000 blowjobs she will offer. The party itself says that it does not intend to occupy any seats it receives in the election, instead leaving them empty as a none of the above option to allow dissatisfied voters a chance to sanction the other parties.

Sadly, the blowjobs in question are just another empty campaign promise. 

For those who might take offense to this,  please keep in mind that we’re going to be subjected to the ugly mugs of the US presidential candidates a whole lot over the next year and a half.  That’s 18 months of middle-aged to old white men and other people acting like middle-aged to old white men.  Politically, this might be immature but aesthetically, this is clearly an improvement.

Hat Tip to this comment in Sideways Mencken


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