Posted by: Kevin | May 21, 2007

Sick, Still Trying to Sell the Damn House and Busy

To my adoring fan(s?),

I regret to say that I’ve been outrageously busy at work recently.  Right thinking people understand that work is the time for gossiping at the water cooler, taking care of the 401-K and blogging.  Sadly that wisdom has yet to infect my superiors and thus I’ve been forced to work like a dog/house-elf/Sherpa/whatever.  In addition to that bit of misfortune, I’ve been battling a head-cold for over a week and my wife and I are still trying to sell our home.  We get lots of showings, forcing us to spend a great deal of time keeping the place in good order, but no solid offers yet (people, get your financial house in order before you decide to make an offer on my home!  please!).  So please forgive my absence.  I will return to regularly scheduled Bullshitting as soon as possible.




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