Posted by: Kevin | May 22, 2007

The Season Finale of Heroes Sucked with Authority

When I say it sucked, I don’t mean it was a disappointment compared to earlier good episodes.  I mean it was objectively bad by virtually any standard of measurement.  It was awful and here’s why. 


• It was a given that the bomb wasn’t going off (although that would have been an interesting surprise).  The whole point was finding out how the heroes would prevent it.  In short, the entire season was building up to the final scene where there wasn’t going to be a whole lot of suspense.  Given that, they should have gone for broke on the action.  So did they run out of special effects money or something? 

My actual children, who generate more interesting action sequences
on an hourly basis than the season finale of Heroes.

• Peter Petrelli is a pussy.  No other way to say it.  He has virtually every power imaginable.  Sure he’s weak on the control part, but the idea that he could be so easily over powered in the beginning of his fight with Sylar is crap.  A better scene would have involved Peter fighting back successfully.  Sylar could have still been in the position to win because of his better control, but for God’s sake make him work for it.

I will hug you to death and
then cry afterwards, be afraid

• As for Sylar, he is either really scary and powerful or he isn’t.  The writers tried to have it both ways with this one.  If he can stop bullets with his mind, then he can sure as hell stop a diminutive Japanese man from 10 feet away.  The idea of Hiro delivering the kill shot only works if time is clearly stopped or if Hiro has absolute surprise.

Any half decent villian
would have kicked my ass.

• The pacing wasn’t right.  This was supposed to be a race against time, yet it never felt like that.  There was no sense of urgency conveyed to the audience, no feeling of impending danger.  We were told to be scared but never made to feel it.  The episode was very choppy, more like a series of loosely connected set pieces than a flowing continuum. 

• The idea of fate was pushed very hard in this series.  It was fated that the bomb would go off in New York City, etc. etc.  The heroes clearly dodged their fate, yet it was never clear what they did differently this time around.  If the characters and the themes are the same in every timeline, why does Nathan sacrifice himself in one but not in another?  Dodging fate isn’t supposed to be easy, yet as a viewer this felt too easy.

• The dream sequence was stupid and added nothing to the story.  If it was setup for season two, then they should have saved it for season 2.  They needed more time to make the plot of this episode work and that sequence didn’t help.

Well I’m glad I got that off my chest, even if I’m not glad that I invested an entire season in this show.

Update:  Edited for boneheaded grammatical errors.



  1. Hey, just stumbled across here. I got lost on the series about the mid-season break, and just finished watching it. I completely agree – while the rest of the story hasn’t always been stellar, I expected so much more. It’s like someone switched from HBO to lifetime just before the climactic scene…

  2. I completely agree. There was no fight scene, no sense of urgency, no excitement and definitely no sense of fulfillment. I just watched every episode back-to-back over a period of two days and it seems like someone decided to strap on the kid gloves mid-season. What gives?

    The show started out really promising, but I can’t even bring myself to watch the second season.

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