Posted by: Kevin | June 15, 2007

Quick Everyone, Let’s Get Really Pissed Off and Indignant!!!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has express the opinion that Gen. Peter Pace, outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is incompetent.  He did this in some off the record remarks to a group of liberal bloggers.  Big f*&$ing deal.  Gen. Peter Pace was the Joint Chief during the planning and execution of the Iraq war.  That war is currently mired in a battle of attrition which we aren’t winning.  That’s not a good record for a military advisor.

The Joint Chiefs failed to give good advice to the Bush administration prior to the Iraq invasion.  They either failed because they were wrong (i.e. incompetent) or because they cravenly choose to follow the party line in order to keep their job.  Frankly, I’d rather be incompetent given that choice. 

There is more to the article, including a few lines about Reid’s plan to keep voting to end or reduce US involvement in Iraq.  Good for Harry if that’s true.  Let them keep voting.  Make it clear who does and who doesn’t want our troops in Iraq.  If the Republicans in Congress really do believe in the mission then they should have no problem voting to continue it.  This is the most important issue in America right now and I think it should be the subject of recurring debate. 

Naturally that is not how the story is being read by conservatives in the new media.  All of the usual suspects have trotted out the same old bullshit about “supporting the troops”, “aid and comfort to the enemy”, blah, blah, blah.  Listen, I think Harry Reid is a scoundrel.  I don’t approve of his including Army General David Petraeus* (update, Reid didn’t mention Petraeus in the call, so the Politico fabricated that part of the story) in his disparaging comments either.  But let’s face it.  Pointing out that our planners failed in Iraq, and failed in a pretty big way, is not mocking the troops.  It’s not even about the troops. 

Click to expand.
This was taken from memeorandom yesterday.
Note the conservatives united in their… pissyness?

The last point I want make is this.  We (the people) put the Democrats in power because we thought the Republicans were doing a shitty job in Iraq.  Harry Reid saying that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs was incompetent for his roll in that shitty job shouldn’t be news.  Harry Reid working to make the continuation of the war a painful exercise for Republicans shouldn’t be news.  That’s why the Democrats were given the majority in the first place.

* Petraes seems to be the one military guy who gets the whole winning the hearts and minds thing.  I think he’s been handled an impossible task and I’m not sure what to make of his recent comments in the news but he still strikes me as the best guy for the job.


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