Posted by: Kevin | August 8, 2007

Have I moved to the Land of the Stupids?

Proud Supporters of Theocracy

This is not the kind of thing you want to read about the state you just moved to.

State lawmakers shot down a request for extra financial help for low-income students who will attend South Carolina’s public colleges and universities next year.

Meanwhile, they approved $2.5 million to help low-income students attend Bob Jones University, a private school in Greenville.

If you aren’t familiar with Bob Jones University, it was in the news a few years ago for actually having a policy which forbade interracial dating.  It was one of the last institutions in the country to fully desegregate, delaying that until May 29th, 1975.  In addition, it’s curriculum is heavily slanted towards Evangelical Christian indoctrination at the expense of, well, just about everything else.

Before the legislation was passed, Shannon said, private colleges had to be nonprofit organizations, have a major campus and headquarters in South Carolina and be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Under the new legislation, a private college can meet those criteria or it can simply be a bachelor’s level institution chartered before 1962 with a major campus and headquarters in South Carolina, the latter of which allows Bob Jones to qualify.

Bob Jones University is not accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It wasn’t accredited at all before 2006, but in November, it earned full accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

If people want to go to Bob Jones University and make themselves stupider, that’s their business.  But it pisses me off to no end to think that I’m actually helping to pay for their indoctrination.  It pisses me off even more to think that my money is funding that when it could have been used to support students going to colleges and universities that actually teach useful information. 

Side note:  When I first found this story on the Bad Astronomy Blog, I followed his link to this site, udreamofjanie.  At first glance, the site seems to be about a kinky young women, her adventures with her female lover and her (informed) views on science and politics.  Could the internet get any better?  Sadly, further research revealed Janie to be entirely fictional, the creation of this gentleman.  She and her lover were created as some kind of joke or challenge.  The final twist, that gentleman has a daughter and who should I find on her blogroll, but me.  Thus proving, there are actually only about 20 people on the internet and an endless series of sock puppets and alter egos.



  1. And we’re all 40 year old men having a mid-life crisis. In fact, we’re all you, you just don’t know it yet.

    Just so y’know.


    (P.S. I actually was going to close down the blog at the end of that prank, but had somehow acquired a fan base that demanded otherwise. Eh, whattya gonna do?)

  2. Haha. I added you to my blogroll for I loved your de-constructing of some songs. =]

  3. JanieBelle, that would explain why there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Was I asleep?

    Sad Song, I have to admit, I’ve been stumped in the music department for a while. Nothing out there with the right mix of aweful yet catchy.

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