Posted by: Kevin | August 12, 2007

Why are We All Such F@&*ing Idiots?

So I was going to write about the ridiculous op ed in the Philadelphia Daily News by Stu Bykofsky.  On Aug 9th he wrote about the need for another 9/11 to unify the country again.  Then I came across this article at Captains Quarters, about a dirty trick attempted on the not yet official campaign of Fred Thompson.  Some lawyer in LA, who may or may not be a fringe loony for the left, created a fake Thompson campaign site with links to racist KKK sites.

As if a couple of idiots being idiots aren’t enough, partisans on both sides have pounced on these stories like flies on meat.  The commentors at CQ happily call out the “hate-filed” left and point out how this lawyer is representative of the way liberals think.  Liberals, for there part have included Stu Bykofsky’s piece into their narrative of conservatives as deranged warmongers.

What the fuck is wrong with us?  Are we ever going to learn to play like adults?  Here’s a quick primer for everyone out there.  Not everyone on the right pines for mushroom clouds and not everyone on the left worships at the alters of Ward Churchill and Cindy Sheehan.    Can we please get past the fact that about 20-30% of the country is really far to one side or the other, really vocal and really ignorant? 

It seems like political blogging has become a game of “Your morons are stupider than ours” and I’m sick of it. 


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