Posted by: Kevin | August 30, 2007

My Thoughts on Senator Larry Craig

Actually, I’m going to give you my thoughts and someone else’s, who happens to capture my feelings on this story.  Sen. Craig is a sad man and a hypocrit.  Neither of those conditions is illegal.  He broke no law, none what so ever.  What he did do, was run afoul of a system designed to catch and embarrass gay men.  That system works because we live in a society where gay men are pushed into a closet.  Sen. Craig is one of many who helped make society what it is, which makes him an asshole, but it doesn’t make him a criminal.

That said I came accross this comment at Balloon Juice and all I could think of was, “that’s exactly right”.  Here it is in full, the bolding is mine:

What is happening to Sen. Craig is a witchhunt. It’s a witchhunt about sex, and in particular, gay sex.

Craig plead guilty to disorderly conduct, a minor offense, which gives us an indication of just how much clout the authorities thought their phony charges would have if taken to the letter of the law. Basically, none. Basically, if you go to Hooters and make a suggestive (non obscene) getsture to a waitress there, your companions will laugh and enjoy it, but if you go into a men’s room and make an innocuous foot gesture, you can charged with a crime, and lose your job.

That, members of the mob, is what we are talking about here. A rigged system that sets up a witchhunt designed to trap and embarass gay people. There is no way whatsoever that any person who claims to hold liberty dear can look at this and see it anything other than a denial of liberty based on pure bigotry. It isn’t about the absurd exhibitionist sex notions we’ve seen bandied on these pages, the man wasn’t charged with any such act, and there is no general problem or even a small problem of exhibitionist sex acts being performed in this country, gay or straight. Except maybe on cable tv. But not in the real world.

So here is what happens: People on the right line up to act out their phony schtick to “protect values” and circle their hypcritical wagons around themselves and their party, and call for the head of Larry Craig.

And on the left, do freedom-loving liberals line up to defend Craig and stand up for basic liberty and the right to be left alone? They do not, they applaud the grotesque circus going on on the other side of the room, calculating that it “serves Craig right” and that his downfall works out as a political plus for “our side.” In other words, liberty means a lot until it’s about somebody you don’t like, whom you view as disposable, and who you can trash to make yourself look better.

In other words, a mob, a witchhunt, and the left AND right both using the disposable Craig as a human sacrifice for their own political interests.

It’s a shameful and disgusting situation. Craig would probably not survive reelection in Idaho, but whether he did or not, who cares? It’s Idaho, a Republican stronghold of puritans, young earth creationists, religious hypocrites and damned fools. They’ll just elect another butthead in a suit to go to Washington and represent the stupid in our country. Taking out Craig serves no purpose whatever.

The right thing to do here would be to leave Craig alone. And thereby, to leave us all alone, and let people live their lives if they aren’t hurting anyone. Just the kind of thing Craig himself would not have the sense to do. That’s what’s right. And if it unfairly benefitted him, so be it. A protected liberty is worth more than injuring some guy you don’t like.

As for Brownback …. any time a “christian” displays the application of mercy and respect for others, I’m for it. And when he doesn’t, I’m against it. Brownback himself may be capable of mercy, but unfrotunately the voters he appeals to don’t seem to share the same … uh .. values.


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